Is PL-100 Exam Worth it? Intro to Microsoft Power Platform Certification

Is PL 100 Exam worth it?
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Is PL-100 Exam Worth it? Intro to Microsoft Power Platform Certification

Businesses gather data on their interactions with clients, prospects, and partners. Every time a web page is accessed or an order is placed, enterprises can collect tons of information about that specific interaction, which could be helpful in various ways, such as pricing quotes and keeping track of what products are in demand. 

That’s why there’s so much focus on fast app creation and business intelligence (BI) tools that allow IT employees and executive business users to access data and present it in a practical and actionable way.

Numerous products are available to enable people to instantly build apps and install them on various user devices such as webpages, cell phones, and ipads. These so-called low-code application platforms (LCAP) enable the creation of apps with hardly any or no coding.

Microsoft’s Power Platform is an exciting new addition to the company’s ecosystem of products. It offers a suite of tools that allow businesses to create custom applications and automate their workflows. It makes The Microsoft Power Platform courses a valuable tool for enterprises and IT professionals looking for ways to streamline their operations.

Are you looking for a way to make your business more efficient? Microsoft’s Power Platform may be just what you need. The courses offered by the Microsoft Power Platform are designed to help you create custom apps that make your business run smoother. With this platform, you’ll have everything you need to get started. Furthermore, the Microsoft Power Platform Certification can help to boost IT professional confidence. Highlighting your creativity and enthusiasm for using cutting-edge technologies may help raise your professional profile. To let employers know about your experience, add your certifications to your CV and LinkedIn profile.

Power Apps Maker

Microsoft Power Apps is a low-code app platform that allows businesses to create custom applications without the need for extensive coding knowledge. The platform is part of the Microsoft Power Platform, which also includes Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Power Automate. IT professionals can use Microsoft Power Apps to create apps quickly that meet their organization’s specific needs. The platform includes a WYSIWYG editor, which makes it easy to design apps without writing code. Moreover, Microsoft Power Apps offers a wide range of pre-built templates and components that can be used to accelerate app development. As a result, businesses can rapidly develop and deploy custom apps with Microsoft Power Apps.

What are the steps to hiring or developing competent personnel with the required skill if an organization utilizes or plans to use Power Apps? The Microsoft Certified: Power Platform App Maker Associate (PL-100) credential provides the answer.

PL-100 exam specifications

The PL-100 Microsoft Power Platform App Maker Associate credential is for individuals who create apps with the Power Apps platform and tools. The term “App Maker” was stamped by Microsoft for these people. The App Maker certification endorses that the holder has the abilities and knowledge to develop, build, and deploy multi-device applications using the Power Apps platform and tools.

This exam covers topics like creating custom pages and controls, working with data, and deploying apps. If you’re looking to become a certified Power App Maker, this is the proper exam for you!

The candidate must be able to build a low-code application by deploying Power App Solution. The platform includes:

  • A drag-and-drop UI builder.
  • Pre-built connectors for popular data sources.
  • A built-in workflow engine.

Microsoft Power Platform App maker is incredibly well suited for building line-of-business applications, such as expense reporting or time tracking. The platform’s low code approach makes it easy to create these applications without extensive coding knowledge. In addition, App maker includes several features that make it easy to deploy and manage applications at scale. As a result, the Microsoft Power Platform App maker is a valuable tool for any IT professional who needs to create custom-made low-code apps quickly.

PL-100 Course Outlines

Skills measured during PL-100 exam

The 2-hour exam tests a variety of technical abilities that a Power Platform App Maker Associate would be anticipated to perform. The following three domains are concerned with the issues.

  • Designing varied business Solutions ( 35-40% )

                Design a high-level design

                Determine the components of the Microsoft Power Platform

                Create data models from design specifications

                Create the user interface (UI) for a company solution

                 Design reporting

  • Creating top-notch Solutions ( 45-50% )

              Manage development environments for the Microsoft Power Platform.

              Create model-driven applications.

              Create canvas apps

              Set Up Microsoft Dataverse

              Create Power Automate processes at Microsoft.

              Create Microsoft Power Virtual Agents chatbots in Microsoft Teams

  • Analyze and visualize data ( 15-20% )

              Make reports in Microsoft Power BI.

              Execute other reports.

              Explain AI Builder models.

Download the Microsoft Power Platform App Maker – Skills Measured document to look at the PL-100 exam prowess more in-depth.

PL-100 training and cost

PL-100 training and cost

Three-day Microsoft Power Platform App Maker coaching includes four different learning modes as well as hands-on practical training to provide applicants with a detailed understanding of the topic and benchmarks practices. The Microsoft Power Platform App Maker course assists students in better preparing for the PL-100 certification.

There are two approaches to start preparing for your PL-100 exam. One method is to study the free online training provided by Microsoft, and the other is to attend instructor-led training.

There are multiple subjects mentioned in the free online training module for covering varied expertise.

If you want to learn with an instructor for the PL-100 exam, you can do so. You can get instructor-led instruction on all of its topics by enrolling in the professional Microsoft Power Platform App Maker Certification course. The main attraction of this type of training is that you can get your questions answered right away and learn more about specific elements, functions, and their applications. These instructor-led classes are not free. You will be paying a small fee to prepare for the exam with expert help.

So, pick your preparation process based on your comfort and budget, and take the exam to add a high-end Microsoft certification to your resume.

The cost of the PL-100 certification exam is USD 165.

Significant features of PL-100 exam training

Below are some prominent features Microsoft will give candidates as training for their PL 100 exam preparation. 

  • Instructor-led Certification Training for Microsoft Power Platform App Maker
  • Get direct access to a Microsoft Power Platform PL-100 course snippet to begin your preparation.
  • Professional Microsoft Power Platform trainers with real-world experience will train applicants.
  • Get assess to SMEs created authorized PL-100 course material.
  • Microsoft Power Platform App Maker coaching materials are provided to trainees from Microsoft.
  • Microsoft Power Platform PL-100 training is available for candidates in four different learning modes.
  • Microsoft Power Platform App Maker training is available in over 100 locations worldwide.

Experience necessary for PL-100 exam

As previously stated, the Power Apps platform is intended for use by both IT and business professionals. Whereas business modes are not assumed to be tech geeks and may lack proper IT training, they should be familiar with emerging technologies. It is essential that they are solution-focused and have a comprehensive understanding of their company’s operational requirements.

The Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals PL-900 exam serves as a foundation for the PL-100 certification. The PL-900 exam affirms a candidate’s fundamental ability to use Power Platform to optimize business operations, analyze information, and build simple applications. PL-100 also seeks applicants to have direct experience building advanced solutions using the Power Platform.

To qualify for this position, candidates must be able to present experience with business analytics, including data modeling techniques, prerequisites, process optimization, and basic user interface design. They should also be familiar with Excel pivot tables, Microsoft Teams, as well as other tools. Candidates with VBA experience would be highly desirable.

Suitable candidates for PL-100 exam

In software development environments, the Power Platform is commonly used.

Companies forming business operational improvement teams will use the PL-100 certification to verify the competence of existing and prospective teammates. These roles are available in end-user companies as well as advisory services companies.

Microsoft Power Platform App Maker training can be beneficial for a variety of career paths. Some of them are mentioned below.

Software & App Developers

This job description encompasses a broad array of roles in development teams that use the Power Apps platform. Power App makers create, develop, evaluate, and establish user-friendly apps with simple user interface design. These apps integrate and simplify business operations, and they can be quickly installed to help enterprise customers. The developers build connectors that enable them to control data and information from the fundamental Power Platform data generator and external sources such as SQL Database, SharePoint, and others.

The Power Platform App Maker Associate (PL-100) certification proves the bearer’s tech knowledge for these roles, ensuring their potential to advance the company’s business development goals.

Business Data Analysts

In contrast to experienced programmers, Microsoft refers to these App Makers as “Citizen developers.” Business data analysts are employed by end-user companies and business and IT consulting firms. Business solutions analysts are frequently part of a business development team that audits and revamps processes to boost business efficiency and institutional efficiency. They will help to create functional designs, user interfaces, and reviews. They will then establish, assess, and alter the apps as certified App Makers to guarantee that the projected business process improvements are accomplished.

The PL-100 certification ensures that the App Maker is fully conversant with Power Apps development and will contribute to achieving desired business process improvements. PL-100 certification is an emblem of competency for consulting services firms, assuring clients that their business analysts (and technical app developers) are qualified and savvy App Maker experts.

PL-100 exam professionals’ career prospect

Microsoft has today become the adequate standard within companies worldwide for running their day-to-day operations in an effortless way that is integrated with several tools and features. The Microsoft Power Platform, in particular, integrates multiple other Power tools in Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate to develop applications that assist businesses in automating processes. In this respect, Microsoft Power Platform App Maker training is ideal for specialists who want to gain a deep understanding of the Power Platform in order to streamline different functions in their companies. Let’s break it down further to measure a skill set achieved by the PL 100 exam and its worth.

Amplifies Skills:

The PL-100 certification is excellent for developers or business analysts who are already working with Power Apps and want to put Microsoft’s approval on their abilities. You’ll be able to demonstrate to your management and business team members that you have the profound knowledge required to create efficient Power Platform apps. This should lead to excellent project possibilities and pave the way for future growth.

Learn Skills through PL 100 Exam:

If you want to work on a performance improvement team using Power Apps, studying for the PL-100 certification is an excellent opportunity to know the skills and demonstrate your abilities as an App Maker.

In short, The Power App Maker certification is designed to assist you in developing business-specific solutions in the form of dedicated apps. You don’t just build apps with it, but you can also plan to simplify the organization’s existing business model.

If your company already uses Power Apps, your effort in learning for the PL-100 certification may persuade management to put you on a system development team. And once you’ve earned your certification as a Power Platform App Maker Associate, you can look for a job in another Power Platform-using establishment.

Take the exam, and you’ll be ready for the myriad of possibilities that will come your way as a result of your Microsoft certification. You can begin your preparation with Microsoft Learning and then evaluate your level of preparation by trying out the Microsoft Power Platform App Maker (PL-100) – Free Test before registering for the full-length tests.


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