What are the Most Sought Out Positions and Jobs in the IT World

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What are the Most Sought Out Positions and Jobs in the IT World


Both hiring managers and job seekers are aware of the fact that IT jobs have high demand. At the moment, it feels like the tech world revolves around AI, data, security, and cloud-based jobs. The more impressive the skills you have in these fields, the more chances you will have to impress the IT recruiters. 

Today, most tech leaders are from the cybersecurity and cloud industries. As the hybrid work model becomes a new standard, cloud applications come into the spotlight. And more work-from-home workforce means more cybersecurity challenges for companies. 

Tech professionals now possess a wide range of skills that have become dominant in the employment market. From data security analysts to application architects, there is a high demand for skilled individuals. In fact, salary projections for the most attractive IT jobs show a consistent increase.

Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most attractive positions and jobs in the IT sector:

Data Scientist

Data scientists come into the picture when there’s data modeling and statistics. Mostly, analyzing complex data from different sources requires the expertise of a data scientist. On average, a data scientist can earn from $135,000 to $138,000.

You may not realize, but data scientists have excellent communication and business skills. Data scientists also have a solid understanding of Java, Python, and other programming languages. In 2022, many data scientists also have machine learning capabilities and bring more value to the organization. 

DevOps Engineer

Think of DevOps as the bridge between engineering and coding. DevOps engineers are talented enough to collaborate with different departments and improve the productivity and IT systems of the company. On average, a DevOps engineer gets a salary o $125,700. As of now, DevOps engineers need experience in software engineering, security systems, and coding languages. Plus, DevOps Engineers also need strong collaboration and analytical skills.

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Software Engineer

Software engineers are responsible to design and execute complex engineering specs for software and applications. In the IT world, software engineers have had the most consistent demand. And that’s because software engineers have a great understanding have information systems.

The average salary of a software engineer is around $124,000. Typically, you need a bachelor’s degree in computer science to apply for software engineer positions. In the computer science world, these individuals have extensive knowledge of programming languages. In time, more and more software engineers have started to master communication skills. 

Big Data Engineer

Big data engineer has become one of the most attractive IT jobs. These individuals or entities can contextualize raw data and help IT leaders make logical and calculated decisions. The average salary for a big data engineer is around $141,500.

Today, IT leaders depend on big data engineers to make sure the company’s system architecture is optimized and operational. Most big data engineers have a computer science degree. Big data engineers also possess expertise in databases and mathematics.

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Mobile Application Developer

On a global stage, it looks like most teenagers want to become mobile application developers to build the next big app. Just like mobile application developers, application architects are also high in demand. The average salary of mobile app developers is around $137,200.

Modern-day mobile app developers are highly proficient in coding languages. In fact, these IT experts also understand the complex frameworks for various mobile development languages. 

Information Systems Security Manager

Information Systems Security Manager or CISA is another attractive IT position. As the title, suggest, this title revolves around the cybersecurity world and attracts security professionals that can ensure the safety of systems and handle sensitive data at the same time.

The average salary for Information Systems Security Manager is around $157,250. The ideal CISA candidates have extensive technical knowledge in network security. Additionally, CISA positions require great leadership and interpersonal skills. These security managers are experts in government regulations and help companies ensure compliance.

Data Security Analyst

Data security analysts are experts when it comes to network and computer security. Whether it’s encryption technology, network protocols, or firewall administration, data security analysts use their skills to help companies solve standard system issues. The average salary for a data security analyst ranges from $141,000 to 143,000. Currently, most data security analysts work as CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional).


Database Manager

Database managers are responsible for managing the entire database environment. These IT professionals allow companies to use data strategically and achieve desired goals without issues. On average, a database manager can earn around $140,200. In most cases, large organizations that store and manage large data volumes seek out database managers.

Data Architect

Without Data Architects, companies wouldn’t be able to make strategic decisions. As of now, the average salary of a data architect is close to $155,000. Fundamentally, Data architects translate complex business requirements into compressed database solutions. Data architects also review data storage solutions and organize organizational data. Similarly, companies depend on data architects to check the security of stored databases.

Network Engineer

These engineers specialize in cloud or networking software and hardware. Network engineers usually have to deal with network support, network maintenance, and execution of cloud services. Network engineers also possess problem-solving and analytical skills.

On average, a network or cloud engineer can earn around $118,700. IT recruiters hire network engineers who have a background in network, server, and security infrastructure. These engineers usually possess valuable certifications like Cisco CCNP and Cisco CCIE.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Companies now reevaluate their position to find out whether or not their employees would be able to keep up with the future tech standards CEOs and COOs now collaborate across the departments to ensure optimal operations and drive innovation. 

Cybersecurity and cloud have become the most attractive fields with the most sought out positions. Since the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, digital and tech transformation is on the rise. As a result, many companies now have clear IT priorities and look for talented IT employees. As the world enters 2022, most companies have started to realize and recognize that digital transformation is inevitable. 

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