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Introduction to Citizen Development with Microsoft Power Platform

About Course

Citizen Development intro with Microsoft Power Platform Demo & Q/A

What I will learn?

  • Intro to Citizen Development
  • Intro to Microsoft Power Platform
  • Q&A on Citizen Development

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Citizen Development
This is an introduction to citizen development. You will learn what Citizen Development is, why Citizen Development is important and what are the benefits for organizations in their journey for Digital Transformation.

  • About Citizen Development
  • Application Development Emerging Revolution
  • Citizen Development Market Overview
  • Citizen Developer Role Overview

Power Platform Overview and Demo

Understanding Citizen Development Basics

Journey of Becoming Citizen Developer

Course level:Beginner
Course Duration: 2h


This course is full right now. We limit the number of students to create an optimized and productive group dynamic.

Target Audience

  • Process Owners
  • Team Members
  • Citizen Developers
  • Business Analysts
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