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Our community of instructors provides unwavering support with technical and academic guidance to all our trainees. By leveraging comprehensive analytics tools, we measure their engagement level to enhance the overall training experience. This also helps our trainers offer additional support to ensure they have an exceptional learning journey.

We provide advanced technical assistance and continue to evolve our services and methods to reflect the shifting needs of businesses and their ever-growing technological capabilities. This is why you can count on us to help you become an expert on Power Platform and implement those skills in dealing with various business challenges.

Course MB-230T01-A: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Tried And Tested Training Methods

We adopt different learning methods to cater to individual students' requirements and needs that help us deliver quality results. Citizen Development Academy is passionate about offering industry-recognized training in Microsoft Power Platform. This is why we design this in-depth course to ensure career rigor, excellence, and creativity throughout the learning process.

Our trainers work closely with every student to guarantee robust quality assurance, ensuring that learning outcomes aren't compromised. A superior Power Platform training experience remains our utmost priority at all times.

Seamless And Interactive Learning Experience

Our dedicated trainers prepare your employees to gain complete command over Microsoft Power Platform and transform their ideas into applications that help in solving your business challenges.

With us, technical learning doesn't have to tedious or overwhelming. Our sessions are engaging and interactive, helping learners spark their interests, expand their skillsets with customized education to your unique culture and organization.

Offered in easily manageable and condensed modules, the Power Platform program at Citizen Development Academy is designed according to your company culture, goals, and needs. Our curriculums effectively address any challenges and issues that you encounter.


Trusted And Experienced Team

Our team at Citizen Development Academy has the expertise and capability to ensure an informed and fast entry into learning and implementation of Microsoft Power Platform. Our optimized approach is flexible and efficient that accommodates your business needs, and is responsive to the dynamic learning landscape.

Leveraging our extensive experience, Citizen Development Academy guarantees all the training aspects of your employees are managed effectively and scaled without compromising user experience.

Building quality content is our prime focus. This is informed by quantitative and qualitative reviews from instructors, support staff, and trainees to ensure that the course is optimized for better learning.

Meet Your Training Expectations

We ask our instructors to be future-focused, brave and embrace the transition to make sure that we deliver a seamless experience to our trainees. Citizen Development Academy believes in optimizing initiatives and technologies to enhance your overall experience with the Power Platform program.

We constantly update our Power Platform course content to live up to your expectations or surpass them. Our trainers adopt the best practices industry to maximize your employees’ learning and reduce any obstacles that they may face.

At Citizen Development Academy, we promote and encourage competency-based, personalized, and adaptive learning to ensure that our course offerings align with the shifting work cultures.

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Focus On Your Learning Goals

We have well-established learning goals that cover both the competencies/tasks and academic content that our trainees are required to perform and understand upon completing the Power Platform program. Our qualified teachers help them achieve those goals through reflective activities and formative assessments.

Our utmost priority is to help them develop solutions for your business and streamline your everyday processes. Thus, we ensure that your employees obtain the certification and have adequate practical experience that they can apply right away.

With us, employees complete the course with exceptional skills and knowledge that they are ready to apply to real-life scenarios. We take a holistic approach to training and management, facilitating them at every stage of their learning journey from admission to completion.

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