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You Need to Kick Start Your New Career Path

When you pursue a new career path or advance your career as a citizen developer, you may face some difficulties. To make this transition as smooth and beneficial for you as possible, we offer robust career services customized to fit the needs and goals of each student. We give you the help you need to launch a successful career as a citizen developer or move your career to new heights.


Coaching in Interview Skills

Despite having tremendous talent, many students lack interview skills. We give you training in interview skills so that your interview impresses your employers and successfully secures the position you apply for.

Custom Resume Development

An impressive resume helps win half of the game. We help you develop a custom resume that highlights your skills and capabilities and make the right first impression on potential employers.

Building Profile on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional platform where leading companies now look for employees. We help you build a solid LinkedIn profile that impresses potential employers and develops your authority in the field.

Internship Placement Assistance

We leverage our network of partner organizations for internship placement after you complete your citizen developer certification. This increases your chances of securing a better job in the near future.

Professional Networking

To find the right job opportunities, professional networking is significantly important. We help you network with industry professionals that enable you to find the possibilities and get a job.

Career Planning

You need to have an effective career plan to secure the right job. We provide you expert career planning support to help you develop an action plan enabling you to pursue the position you choose successfully.

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