At Citizen Development Academy,

we believe
every individual has the potential to shine.

However, each student has varying learning needs and require tailored resources to help them achieve their goals. If you are ready to enrich your potential, count on us to cater to your specific educational needs. We offer a responsive Citizen Development Program for Power Platform that accelerates your career and successfully transforms your professional life.
Please take a look into our learner’s stages, visualizing the key milestones to streamline your journey towards career readiness and Power Platform expertise.

Understand Your Why

Do you want to excel in an IT-related field and level up your professional expertise? Our Citizen Development training program for Power Platform can help you achieve the skills, competence, and knowledge to set you apart from your competition in the workplace. It's possible to advance your professional training with innovative learning that covers multiple focus areas to meet your expectations.

Before you begin your journey, our counselors work with you to understand your objectives. This enables them to better guide you towards effective learning and help you achieve your goals with precision.

Sign Up For Free Introductory Courses

The Introduction to Citizen Development with Microsoft Power Platform session offers the opportunity to understand our offerings so you can decide what's right for you. This is where you learn more about the citizen developer's role and how together we can contribute to the app development revolution.

Also, check out the Power Platform course to have your questions answered by expert trainers who help you explore your learning needs to the fullest.

Try Our One-On-One Consultation Sessions

Fulfilling your career aspirations is our ultimate goal. And it starts with understanding your abilities and talents so we can map out a plan for your success. We conduct one-on-one consultation sessions to discuss your career expectations, current job market, potential opportunities and evaluate your aptitude for working in the IT field.

Commit To Your Success

We answer your questions, address your concerns, and help you purpose decision-making models according to your specified criteria. But at the end of the day, it is your commitment and dedication that makes it worthwhile. We believe that students need to understand that we need their support, time, and efforts to deliver a seamless learning experience and streamline the process. Your devotion is critical to the success of our training and programs.

Get Registered

By now, you should have a good idea of what you want to study to excel in an IT or IT-related field. Select our Citizen Development program for Power Platform and get enrolled to start learning. And don't worry; we continue to be with you every step of the way to ensure that your learning and retention are as smooth as possible.

However, irrespective of how brilliant, competent, and experienced our instructors are, you will have to make conscious efforts to learn. Once you get your Citizen Development certifications, get ready to embark on your new job. Your drive and determination will help you make a smoother career transition.

Realize Your Potential

It's time to unleash your potential with the help of our skilled trainers. They will teach you the practical implications of the theory and help you practice the skills you need to outshine in your job and career. Our trainers focus on an applied learning approach, and you get to work on real-world assignments that align with your day-to-day tasks. This helps you gain a better experience of projects on the field and prepare you for success.

You can create an actionable roadmap to accomplish your milestones and targets with our competent instructors who help you with your learning needs throughout the course.

Earn Your Certification

With our Citizen Development certificate, you acquire practical, analytical, and data visualization skills that can come in handy in various career trajectories.

You gain the knowledge and confidence needed to achieve your career goals and apply your newfound expertise to all kinds of problems. It is time to practice your ability to communicate and showcase your capabilities in a professional setting.

Fulfill Your Career Aspirations

Like every student, you have unique goals, as well as distinctive skills and learning needs.

Our trainers are right by your side to facilitate job search, interviews, negotiations, and ultimately onboarding. You can also count on us for help when setting up a LinkedIn profile and writing your résumé.

We also offer mock interview training, networking and help you search for an internship or a job according to your requirements. We strive to provide you an exceptional experience.

Show Yourself Gratitude

Congratulations! You did it. Appreciate your dedication and hard work, applaud yourself, and thank your trainers for career progression.

Help others learn new skills, change their lives, pursue your interests and stay in contact with us. We will be glad to provide assistance with your educational and occupational endeavors as you advance your career.