Why Get Certified?

When you are searching for your first ever tech job or want to progress in your career and get your dream job, you need the attention of the recruiters. You also need to pass the screening process and initiate a discussion with the recruiter. Only then, you get an opportunity to show off your knowledge and skills to your potential employer. By getting Microsoft Certification, you can do it efficiently.

This certification shows your skills and confirms that you have knowledge of the job. It gives you the confidence to get the job efficiently and quickly. It significantly improves your chances of landing your first job as a Citizen Developer.


How to Get Certified?

To become a certified citizen developer, you need to have the knowledge and practical experience of developing various solutions using Microsoft Power Platform, Dynamic 365 Applications, Power Apps, and more. You have to prepare yourself to give the online exam to pass the certification course.

Through our training, we ensure that your focus of study remains on the right areas and you are able to prepare yourself efficiently and consistently. Even experienced professionals find it difficult to pass these examinations in the first go. Our professional trainers are all certified and prepare you to pass the exam on the first attempt.

Certifications that You Can Obtain with Our Help

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