Citizen Development Academy is committed to helping people through education and career improvement and welcomes students of all skill levels to learn Power Platform and Dynamics 365. We invite students 21 years of age or older interested in expanding their Power Platform and Dynamics 365 knowledge and skills to enroll in our Power Platform and Dynamics 365 Scholarship Programs.

Currently open programs:

Uniting for Ukraine

This program aims to give knowledge and skills to Ukrainians who have lost their job, have been displaced, or suffered in any other way from the 2022 Russian invasion. We welcome students from any location (e.g., Ukraine, Europe, USA, Canada). The only requirement is ability to study and communicate at work in the English language. The intent of this program is to empower people to acquire a new profession and find jobs by the end of the program.

The scholarship is open to individuals who meet the above registration requirements starting May 2, 2022. Depending on the number of applicants and when the applications were submitted, the learning will begin on June 6, 2022, or earlier. The number of scholarships is limited.

Participants will have up to 4.5 months to complete the program. The course covers the fundamentals of Power Platform and Dynamics CRM and the following courses.

To apply, please submit this form.