Career Change at 40: Your Way to Success with Power Platform

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Career Change at 40: Your Way to Success with Power Platform

How to Change Career at 40 and Succeed: Microsoft Power Platform

A good career change at 40 is more common than people realize. Employees quit managers – not companies. It propels people to think about a different career path and what kind of life they could live to realize their full potential. For most people, changing a career is about having more control over prospects. Changing a career at 40 is a journey, and it is normal to brace for potential challenges and hurdles in the process.

Between 2021 July 2021 to January 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that up to 4 million Americans quit their job a month. Conversely, extensive MIT research highlights that job insecurity and toxic organizational culture often lead to high turnover rates and push many talented individuals to switch careers. So, when you decide to change a career at 40, understand that you’re not alone.

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Oftentimes, people get caught in the cobweb of how to change careers at 40. In some cases, it is difficult for people to find the best career change at 40. The good news is that making a career change at 40 with no degree is also possible. The key is to be strategic and wise about how to make a lucrative career change at 40.

Gartner data shows that people now want to work in an inclusive, diverse, and creative work environment. In fact, it continues to change how people approach work. Another Gartner report notes that only 25% of employees feel they’d stay in the same organization and career path. The research also shows that more people will continue to change not only organizations – but career paths to lead a better life.

The Possibility and Reality of Changing a Career at 40

If you’ve decided to switch a career in 2023, focus on efforts to make this transition rather than dwell on hype. The decision to make a career switch at 40 cuts out the regret you might have later on in life. Changing a career at 40 is a practical decision.

But despite the reason to change career at 40, leverage valuable insights to transition into a new career seamlessly and get a suitable position. Your desire and story to switch a career can start today. Adapt an open mindset and make the most out of industry events to change a career at 40.

Focus on the reasons you want to change your career rather than follow a generalized narrative. It will also make it easier to change a career with specific goals. Since your first job, you probably have had a lot of professional and personal growth. If you think constructively and value productivity and collaboration, you should be able to reinvent yourself in a new career at forty.

40 is the New 30

Today, age dynamics are changing, and switching a career late can improve people’s mental health and perspective toward life. If you’re already forty or nearing forty, there is no reason to make it the best ten years of your life. Life is beautiful when it reflects your desires and fulfillment. At forty, you need to invite more people and opportunities into your life.

As long as you’re motivated, passionate, and self-confident, you will start to see yourself as an ally rather than an enemy and operate with more excitement than ever. The key is to continue to work on yourself and evolve in your personal and professional life. Continuous learning renders positive energy and creates a feeling of fulfillment.

Benefits of Changing a Career at 40

Your willingness to learn and adapt can pave the way and help you switch to a new career. It takes a single moment of realization to understand how a career change can transform your life for good. Wondering how to change your career at 40? Follow the lead of skilled workers who often instantly realize their untapped growth potential and ability to evolve in a different industry.

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Let’s look at some benefits of changing a career at 40:

Improve Mental Health

Many people feel stuck in their jobs and experience burnout that pushes them to make personal and professional changes in life. Build a career in a new industry that aligns with your needs and can help you mitigate stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms.

After changing a career, people often feel more energized, ambitious, and passionate. Whether you want a leadership position or work-life balance, switching careers can be what you need to improve your mental health.

Pro Status

At forty, you’ve probably had experience and consistency to stand out. At this stage, you can leverage your transferable skills to switch to a new career. Interestingly, research shows that over 50% of American workers intend to continue working after retirement. It might seem late – but one of the benefits of switching a career at 40 is that you still have sufficient time.

More Delights and Surprises

The common misconception about changing a late-career is negative. But the reality is that when you change a career at 40 – you eventually move past stressful challenges and get the chance to meet new people, and become more open to new surprises and delights.

Get More Value and Recognition

One of the benefits and reasons to switch to a new career is to get more value and recognition in a new job and industry. While quitting an organization and an industry can be scary – it gives you more self-confidence to figure out your real worth and test your limitations.

More Control Over Life

Changing to a new career at 40 is an opportunity to take control of your life. You have to make the most out of your decision and build genuine ambition and confidence. And these elements usually impress potential employers.

What about the Challenges of Switching to a New Career?

While it depends on each person’s skills and capacity, it is crucial to focus on key challenges that can make it difficult to transition into a new career.

At 40, here are some drawbacks to switch a career:

More Expenses

First, the average living cost of a forty-year individual is higher than a younger person. While the expenses to change a new career won’t push you to poverty, it will propel you to find another way to cover healthcare, mortgage, bills, and other expenses.

More Responsibilities

One of the challenges people face after switching a career is that they incur more responsibilities. In fact, a lot depends on “how” you navigate a plethora of responsibilities that come with a new career. A career transition won’t be smooth if there’s no planning.

More Risks

When you’re in your 20s, taking risks in life and your career feels natural until you find what you feel most passionate about. But when you switch a career at 40, you may have to consult with expert professional career consultants to ensure you’re not throwing away your life.

What are the Most Suitable Career Changes at 40?

What is the best career change at 40? Well, it depends on each person’s transferable skills. You can seek out a specific career in the tech space. But understand that every career move comes with its own set of opportunities and challenges.

With the rise of low-code and citizen development over the past years, this field might look like a great opportunity to start a new career.

Why Opt for the Low-Code Opportunities

  • A Forrester report highlights that low-code platforms in the market are expected to hit over $2 billion in the coming five years. It is a brave new world, and no-code/low-code opportunities are at the forefront of the IT space.
  • No-code and low-code development is a thing. In fact, a wide range of low-code and no-code platforms allow you to develop dedicated apps without writing any code.
  • Remember, no-code platforms tie together with low-code platforms and work in tandem to speed up the app development process.
  • In 2023, expect an increase in the popularity and practicality of no-code and low-code opportunities. Many low-code/no-code platforms are now fast and easy alternatives to conventional development processes.

Best low-code job opportunities

Power Apps Developer

Once you master an MS Power Apps course or a program, you can become a certified Power Apps Developer. You become responsible for developing and designing Office 365 applications and analyzing core business needs.

MS Power BI Developer

This career move involves understanding various business requirements in the context of data models and business intelligence to make sense of raw data.

Data Analyst

Data analysts have experience performing effective and advanced DAX calculations and developing live and interactive dashboards.

A Closer Look at the MS Power Platform

The MS “Power Platform” refers to a combination of three products: Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI. These Microsoft products help people to automate, analyze, and manipulate data across Dynamics 365, Office 365, and third-party apps.

Microsoft Power Platform developer job descriptions on LinkedIn and other job platforms and boards have become common. So, are power apps worth learning? Yes. Power Platform has made it possible to simplify and unify data schema to ensure services and applications are accessible and operatable.

Wondering how much do Power Platform developers make? Glassdoor notes that the average salary is over $130,000 a year for Power Platform developers in the United States. Now, if you’re thinking about how to become a Power Platform Developer, you’d be surprised how straightforward it is to master the Microsoft Power Platform and power apps. As a Power Platform developer, you can leverage new career opportunities.

Importance of Power Platform

MS Power Platform has made app development efforts more exciting in a tech-driven age. MS Power Platform represents the democratization of data and allows you to extract the most value out of digital information and make it accessible without technical expertise.

The flexibility of MS Power Platform and power apps continue to garner the attention of more skilled people. The idea of automating, analyzing, and creating data in different ways is now a reality for an average worker.

Power Apps

Power apps represent a dedicated low-code approach to build custom apps using a simple point-and-click technique. With Power Apps, you can build custom mobile apps without app development expertise. It is the best way to reduce stress on IT teams.

Power Automate

Power Automate, previously Microsoft Flow, allows you to develop automated workflows across MS services and third-party apps. It makes it easier to cut out repetitive tasks from the loop and save valuable time.

If you’re curious about Power Automate, take a look at our in-depth course on Power Automate Training, which will give you all the required knowledge on the topic.

Power BI

Power BI refers to a business analytics solution that allows you to create impressive visuals, get business intelligence faster, and connect with multiple data sources. Power BI helps you analyze complex data sets easily and make continuous improvements.

Strategic Plan to Change Your Career

Information is king, and it is crucial for the person switching late careers to have a legit reason. Besides, it’s one thing to brainstorm the idea of changing the career and quite another to do it.

Let’s highlight the crucial steps people over 40 can take to switch careers:

Make Your Decision

Start by reflecting on your current job and making a decision to change your career. It is easy to decide once you determine what you dislike the most about your existing career and what you intend to get out of a new one.

Update Your CV

When planning a career change, make sure to update your CV. You can hire a professional to review your CV. But if you’re on a budget, use online resume formats and CV templates to create a new one. Optimize keywords in your resume to stand out on your LinkedIn profile and job search databases.

Practice Your Mock Interviews

As you enter a new industry, you will have to get familiar with new terms. But before you land a job, improve your interview skills with different potential employers. The more time and effort you dedicate to practice mock interviews – the more likely you’ll get a job.

Grow Your Network

When you decide to enter a new industry – build a robust network. Think of your network as a tool to look for available opportunities, make new connections, and reach out to valuable contacts. Having a solid network will help you transition faster after a career change.


Explore New Possibilities

In a new career, determine what jobs you want in a specific industry and then research all the options. Attend conferences, professional conventions, and job fairs to look for new and exciting opportunities. Also, see if new opportunities align with your career goals in the new industry.

Tools and Solutions Late Career Switchers Can Use

Transitioning to a new career won’t be instant and overnight. It requires a proactive approach from late-career blossoms to take advantage of paid and non-paid tools and solutions. Fortunately, there is no shortage of tools, platforms, programs, and solutions to make a successful career switch.

If you’re ready to change a career at 40, here are some platforms and tools that make the transition easier and help you explore new opportunities:

LiveCareer Apply

When a job application takes time, most candidates tend to abandon it. And this is where LiveCareer Apply shines. LiveCareer Apply supports an efficient and personalized job application process. It offers a built-in auto-fill tool to speed up the process of filling out a job application online.


Stellares provides a holistic matching and considers the unique credentials of potential candidates. It is an excellent solution for dealing with conventional recruiting platforms, expensive recruiting agencies, and complex job boards.


Mixmax is an effective tool that favors job applicants and recruiters. Mixmax features one-click and straightforward templates to process batch emails and efficiently follow up with several employees. No recruiter has the time to go through millions of online job postings, and finding Mixmax helps employers discover valuable candidates.


Your job application process comes together easily in Switch. Some view Switch as the Tinder of the mobile job search tool. Switch also allows users to create custom professional profiles, post entire resumes, and get job recommendations. With the right swipe – the applicant sends out a notification to the hiring manager. And if the hiring manager also swipes right – Switch will open a dedicated chat window to start a private conversation.

Most Practical Strategies and Tips to Change a Career at 40

Let’s dive into essential strategies and helpful tips to change a career at 40:

Open to Experiment

You should be willing to experiment and be open to trying new things to succeed in a new career. Primarily, having a support system is essential to change a career at 40. In fact, being present can make a huge difference when switching a career at 40.

Build a Network

When changing a career, it is crucial to focus on building a network, learning more information, and demonstrating dedication. Lean towards the most standard and rare tips and practices to successfully step foot into the new career at 40.

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Establish Your Transferable Skills

Whether it’s leadership skills, analytical skills, emotional intelligence, or communication skills, there are some skills that can help you succeed even after a career change at 40. With knowledge and creative ingenuity, you can enter a new field and get on the right track.

Developing New Skills

After a career change, you have to continue developing new skills. In hindsight, you have to believe that it is practically possible to succeed in a new field at forty. And this firm belief will encourage you to put yourself in the job marketplace. After a career change, continue to spot new possibilities and find support to demonstrate your skills.

Leverage the Power of Information

Power is having enough information to make your career change seamless. Research the job you want, review the company position, and make contact on LinkedIn. It is a repetitive process that will help you figure out how to answer questions from potential employers. It will also help you cultivate more confidence and help you strive for perfection in a new career.

Low-Code Power Apps: Examples of People of Successfully Switched Careers

You can review talented individuals who successfully managed to switch careers at forty. In fact, there are many skilled individuals with a solid grasp of MS Power Apps who made a career change. You can review their approach to changing a career and get inspired.

Sheryl Netley

It took one month of consistent learning by Sheryl Netley to understand Power Platform and power apps. During the initial learning process, Netley was financially struggling. But her keen mind, self-taught approach, and a better understanding of MS Power Platform opened new opportunities. Being part of the IT service management and support desks helped Netley lean toward Power Platform and Dynamics 365.

Nick Gill

Before Nick started his journey with Power Apps and then Power BI, he was a supervisor of a team of CPR instructors. But Nick already had a keen interest in modern tech-driven projects, and when he discovered MS Power Platform – it was an obvious decision for him to make a career change.

Nashwin Shannick Kiewitz

Keiwitz studied computer systems and electrical engineering in college. Keiwitz spends most of his professional career as a geospatial expert technician at Eskom. In South Africa, Eskom is a leading electricity provider.

Kiewitz highlights that working at a company like Eskom involves dealing with administrative and manual data processes. When you’re moving information to Excel spreadsheets, it limits integration options. And disconnected data leads to more repetitiveness and manual processes.

Now, to avoid this frustration, Kiewitz discovered the low-code Power Platform One of the impacts of low-code Kiewitz realized was that it is a highly cost-effective and efficient solution to support multi-disciplinary access across the building.

Kiewitz with his team built a custom mobile app through Power Apps using just QR codes so that visitors and employees can self-check. Kiewitz also built apps for smooth fleet inspection and management.

Jacqui Peck

Once you follow in the footsteps of Jacqui Peck, it becomes clear how to make a career change at 40. Before becoming a successful low-code developer analyst, Peck was an audiologist. After studying biomedical science at a university level and getting a clinical master’s in audiology, Jack was part of the audiologist space for over 13 years.

So, how did he discover low-code development? Part of Peck’s responsibility was to visit remote areas for cell service testing and laptops would often go offline in the middle of the work. For Peck, finding low-code development was a matter of chance. Peck participated in a webinar on building Power Apps and collecting data remotely.

At the moment, Peck was adamant to leverage this tech-driven opportunity. But little did Peck know that this would become one of his best efforts in the audiology space. Eventually, Peck learned on weekends for a few hours and figured out how to build custom canvas apps.

Peck also built a dedicated app that made it possible for the community engagement officers to access data across different computers. And the same data is accessible from a different app on the field. The app has become a single source of access for the team and allows audiologists to access information instantly and without traditional strings attached.

Changing a Career at 40: Power of Motivation, Skills, Experience, and Connections

A combination of elements like skills, an expansive network, motivational drive, and experience can make it easier to switch to a career at 40. The motivational drive helps you learn basic skills when you change a career. And motivation paired with skills and experience helps you form new connections.

The key is to get started and depend on your motivation and self-confidence to change a career. Confidence also ties together with motivation. When you hit 40, you can still maintain a higher confidence level and successfully navigate the ins and outs of a new career.

With Microsoft Power Platform, you can apply your previous experience and obtain new skills in a short period of time, and successfully start a new career. Here, your first step would be getting certified, and passing the PL-100 exam is one of the initial exams.

Man in NYC

The best approach to boost confidence is to experience life and revel in the unexpected element of a new career. Many entrepreneurs and business owners profess that their 40s were their most productive and formative years. Ultimately, these elements help you operate with more excitement and broadmindedness.

And once you make a decision – you don’t back out and always react with a touch of wisdom. Adapting a solid mindset and learning something new will never get old. If you have a vision of the next decade and how you want to achieve your dreams – you will notice more energy to fulfill new career goals and get the best results.

Final Thoughts

You can tap into the right strategies, tools, and practices to achieve your new career goals. Take proactive and prompt action to switch to a new career successfully. On the surface, switching a career at 40 may seem daunting and reek of uncertain challenges.

Take a sigh of relief knowing that you’ll have more opportunities than difficulties when you change a career at 40. Apart from reading career books to make a career change, collect the most accurate and insightful information online, get moral support from friends and family, build a dedicated network, and ask for advice from your mentor.

In retrospect, many elements come together to help you transition into a successful new career at 40. With enough patience, skills, and wisdom, you can mark your territory in a new career at 40 and leverage new opportunities.

If you decide to opt to become a Power Platform Developer, you can follow a clear development path, and quickly become a valued specialist. Register for our introduction to development with Microsoft Power Platform, and start your new career today!

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